Bárbara Hertiman

Bárbara Hertiman, *1987 in Caracas, VEN, lives and works in Caracas, VEN; studied at University of Arts, Caracas, VEN 2014 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo: For a free circulation of bodies and desires, Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, FRA; FONLAD, IC ZERO ASS. CULTURAL, PROJECTO VIDEOLAB and FONLAD, Coimbra, POR 2010 VIART*, Iberoamerican Art Video Festival, Caracas, VEN

In Praise of Darkness

Indistinct shapes, wandering spots of light and gestures which disappear into the darkness define the aesthetic of In Praise of Darkness. The film by Venezuela’s Bárbara Hertiman offers poetic images whose reference to the visible everyday world are difficult to fathom. Occasionally the viewer can make out hands and eyes in an indefinable space between light and shadows, vague hints of the senses which are needed to orient oneself in space. The overlaid passages of text from Jorge Luis Borge’s poem, which gives this work its name, have as their theme darkness in connection with the gradual loss of sight and the growing wisdom of old age. Reflecting his life and his blindness, the lyrical first-person declares the end of the search for his inner self. Hertiman translates selected lines of the poem in filmic images without differentiating between events which are real and ones which are imagined. Combining ambiguous passages of text with almost abstract recordings, she transports the indetermination of the poetical into the medium of film and opens new perspectives on the poem.

  • Color: color
  • Length: 05:03
  • Single-channel Video